CAVEAT: We believe the websites listed here are helpful but, unless otherwise stated, or where it is affiliated with us, we do not endorse every belief or doctrine expressed on websites to which we have provided links. Wherever possible, we have merely duplicated a website's own description of itself (as per its own "about us" type section) into the description section underneath each link. Therefore these descriptions may or may not be accurate! We have tried to describe the website ourself if no description is available.


Mission, Israel & Jewish Christianity

The Israelight Centre

The website of the Israelight Centre, operated and maintained by Christian Witness to Israel (Australia).

Nachamu Ami Foundation

Official News of Nachamu Ami Foundation (Comfort My People) (In English and Hungarian)

CWI (in Chinese)

The website of Christian Witness to Israel in the Chinese language, including nearly all previous issues of Chinese bulletins.

Hatikvah School of Jewish Studies

The Hatikvah School of Jewish Studies: Hatikvah, Hebrew for "the Hope", is New Zealand's only Christian school of Jewish studies. Hatikvah was established in 1983 to help Christians whose "heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they might be saved". The programme is conducted under the auspices of the New Zealand branch of Christian Witness to Israel, a nondenominational and international mission established in 1842. CWI is a registered charitable trust.

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