Gil Alon

born in Haifa in 1963 he sought for truth in eastern religions and philosophies. - Read More >

David Baron

born in 1855 into a devoutly orthodox home. - Read More >

David Block

born in South Africa in the mid 20th century, a world-famous astronomer. - Read More >

Richard Ganz

born into an orthodox home in New York he turned away from Judaism and devoted himself to excelling in pscychiatry. - Read More >

Sarah Geffin

raised in London in the 1960s she investigated New Age ideas. - Read More >

Marie & Sheila Hyams

two sisters raised in a traditional London Jewish home who became successful in business. - Read More >

Eitan Kashtan

raised in Israel he and his wife were unbelievers. - Read More >

Joseph Steinberg

born into a liberal Jewish home in the 1960s in the USA. - Read More >

Stan Telchin

a successful businessman and community leader who was challenged by his daughter - Read More >

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