Darwin on Trial

Ten years ago, a small but prestigious group of American scientists met privately on a university campus to discuss the manuscript of a new and devastating critique of the theory of evolution. - Read More >

Gamaliel Saves the Day

The Jewish scholar Hyam Maccoby, at a Spiro Institute lecture on the origins of Christianity, drew attention to an "authentic account" from the first Christian writings. It is a story that features the highly esteemed rabbi, Gamliel the Elder, who was widely respected for his moderate stance on matters of Torah observance and was probably the most influential Pharisee in first century CE Judaism. - Read More >

Nostradamus and Kermit the Frog

He has been called one of the most remarkable prophets of all time. Over 400 years ago the French physician, and poet Michel de Notredame, better known as Nostradamus, published 1,000 predictions which have ensured his lasting fame. - Read More >

Psalm 22: An Astonishing Prophecy

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from helping me, and from the words of my groaning? - Read More >

The Five-Minute Philosopher

Do you wonder about how we got here? How anything got here? It's a question that has vexed philosophers and thinkers for thousands of years but the good news is that there are only four basic answers to the question of existence. Ever fancied yourself as a philosopher? OK, here's a five-minute crash course in metaphysics that will help you amaze friends, influence people and (hopefully) change your future. - Read More >

The New Testament: A Pro-Jewish Book

There are about 1,000 million people in the world who profess to be Christian and who therefore owe some allegiance to the teaching of the New Testament, which is the major source book for Christian thought. As the New Testament was written almost entirely by Jews and has as its central figure a Jew, it is also of great importance to Jewish people. But what is its significance for Jews? Is its influence beneficial or harmful? Does it encourage anti-Semitism? No scholar who wants to be taken seriously can say that anti-Semitism arose for the first time as a result of the emergence of Christianity. Jewish as well as Christian scholars have pointed to Pharaoh and Haman as pre-Christian enemies of the Jews who sought to wipe out the Jews when all Jews were in one political territory at the same time. Antiochus Epiphanes showed the same Judeophobia and many pagan classical writers were quite explicit in their antipathy towards the Jews. Later on in the Christian era there were Church fathers who were quite virulent in their attacks on the Jews, but many of them were also very hostile towards those they considered Christian heretics. - Read More >

What Jews Say about Jesus

"I personally regard Him as one of the greatest spiritual teachers the world has ever known." (J.L. Levy, Rabbi) - Read More >

Who was Jesus of Nazareth

The Bible is remarkable for being candid about its greatest men. It reveals flaws in the characters of, for example, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David and Solomon. The New Testament does not attempt to hide the failings of Peter, Paul, John or other influential figures in the early church. However, the unanimous consent of all the New Testament writers is that Jesus was free from all moral taint. The following quotes are from men who spent three years living in close proximity to him and had opportunity to observe his behaviour at all times, including periods of physical exhaustion and times when he was under intense pressure. The fact that they were his friends does not diminish their testimony, it enhances it. - Read More >

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

It is easy to say Jesus could not have risen from the grave. But the evidence in favour of the resurrection is impressive by any standards. Consider the following facts: - Read More >

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