Who are we?

CWI, or Christian Witness to Israel, has a history that goes back one hundred and fifty years. We have no doubt that it continues to exist because God honours those who honour Him, and we have over the years endeavoured to faithfully proclaim the one true Gospel and have remained obedient to God's command to go to the Jews first as they are His people of promise.

 It has also continued to exist because countless Christian people have followed the Bible's teaching that they should love the Jews and so they contribute to CWI's support by their time and their gifts.


KayChan and Sue Park




KayChan and Sue are both from Korea and have a son and a daughter. KayChan was a licensed preacher in the Jinjoo Seongnam Presbyterian church in Korea for 2 years before being sent to study in Israel in late 1994. He studied Hebrew at the Hebrew University, and Old Testament and Semitic languages at the Department of Biblical studies in the University of Haifa. Whilst in Israel KayChan engaged in helping local congregations by preaching in Hebrew and English, and by helping with their witness to the Israeli community. KayChan and his family returned to Korea in 2002 where he was appointed Director of the Global Centre of Missions Research and Development. KayChan joined Christian Witness to Israel and he and his family came to Australia in 2006.

 In Sydney, CWI staff work out of the Israelight Centre in Bondi Beach. We have an evangelistic web site called Israelight and you can find the link to that site in the Articles/Links page.



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