Ethical Principles

The teaching of the Bible


We believe that the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures are the inspired Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16-17). We are conscious therefore of the responsibility of handling them faithfully. We therefore seek to use every reasonable means to understand them accurately and to communicate our convictions fairly in our literature and conversations. In our concern to be true to the Bible, we also endeavour to subject all of our evangelistic methods to the principles and examples of Scripture.




We believe that the whole Jewish nation is "beloved for the sake of the fathers" (Romans 11:28) and therefore seek to share the Gospel message with all who are willing to hear it. We accept that not all want to hear the Christian message. We do not target those who appear to be vulnerable.




We believe that we should "honour all people"(1 Peter 2:17). Whilst our underlying convictions cause us to disagree with various aspects of Jewish teaching, we nevertheless endeavour to approach Jewish people with due regard and respect for their sincerely held beliefs, traditions and practices.


Cultural awareness


We seek to be aware of Jewish cultural distinctives as well as our own, not to score any unfair advantage in the misuse of such understanding, but to present the Gospel sensitively and meaningfully to Jewish people.




We believe that all people share in the image of God and, regardless of status, wealth, creed or nationality are worthy of our respect and honour; we therefore endeavour to be sensitive to people's individual concerns and circumstances.


We recognise with sadness that tensions may arise when one member of a family accepts the Gospel. We encourage all who come to Christian faith to honour their families, especially their parents. However we do not believe that we have liberty to compromise Christ's claim to the trust and obedience of all men, Jews and gentiles alike.


Notwithstanding the Jewish conviction that thirteen year-olds are responsible for their own spiritual development, we exercise restraint towards minors, especially the very young, believing that we should normally only share our convictions with them in the context of their family and with their parents' consent.




We believe that God is "full of compassion" (Psalm 145:8) showing concern for people in the entirety of their personality and relationships. Whilst we are concerned primarily for the spiritual needs of Jewish people, we nevertheless believe that true Christian compassion is to be directed to meeting people's practical or material needs when necessary.




We believe that "God is light" (1 John 1:5), that His "Word is truth" (John 17:17) and that real faith is grounded in truth and results in integrity of life. We therefore do not believe we can serve God's cause by wilful deceit and lies. We repudiate any methodology based on manipulative pressure, false claims, misleading invitations, or bribery. We deplore any attempt to induce a superficial change of religious affiliation. We believe that Christian faith must be based on honest personal conviction, held in good conscience, that the Gospel is true and worthy to be believed.




As a Christian organisation and a registered charitable entity in Australia we consider ourselves to be accountable to God and men. Our affairs and finances are open to public scrutiny and investigation.

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